Raccoon Removal

Have Raccoons Taken Over Your Attic?

Raccoons, often nicknamed ‘nature’s bandits’, are known for their remarkable intelligence and adaptability. This makes them one of the most common and cunning invaders of attics in homes. With their strong, dexterous front paws, raccoons can easily tear off roof shingles, pry open vents, or exploit even the smallest weaknesses in your home’s exterior to gain access. Once inside, they can cause significant damage as they create nesting areas, tearing up insulation, and potentially chewing on electrical wires, which poses a severe fire hazard. Their presence also brings health risks due to the parasites and diseases they can carry.

We specialize in outsmarting these intelligent creatures and reclaiming your space. Our approach begins with a comprehensive inspection of your property. We inspect your home for any potential and active entry points that raccoons might use. Our experienced team understands the behavior and habits of raccoons, allowing us to predict and pinpoint their access routes effectively.

Our humane removal strategies are designed to safely and effectively relocate these animals without harm. However, it can sometimes be quite the challenge due to how intelligent these critters are. This is where our years of experience and continued wildlife education comes into play for getting them humanely trapped and relocated. 

But our service doesn’t stop there. After the successful removal, our team focuses on preventing future invasions. We seal all identified entry points using durable materials and expert techniques. This not only deters raccoons from re-entering your attic but also reinforces the overall security of your home against other wildlife intruders.

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