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Have Mice Taken Over Your Attic?

Rodents like mice are incredibly resourceful when it comes to gaining access to your home’s attic. These tiny critters have the ability to squeeze through the smallest cracks and openings in your home’s exterior. They are consistently in search for shelter, warmth, and a readily available food source which your home provides. Once they infiltrate your attic, they can rapidly multiply, creating a full-blown infestation that can be extremely problematic.

The consequences of having mice nesting in your attic for an extended period of time can be far-reaching. First and foremost, they can cause substantial damage to your property. Mice are known to chew through insulation, wiring, and wooden structures, potentially posing a fire hazard and leading to costly repairs. Their droppings and urine can contaminate the attic, leading to health concerns for you and your family. Homeowners often hear scratching and scurrying noises which can indicate mice activity.

We understand the importance of addressing this issue promptly and effectively. Our comprehensive service includes a meticulous inspection to identify all points of entry that rodents use to access your attic. Once we locate these vulnerable areas, we take swift action to remove the mice from your home safely and humanely. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to sealing off all entry points, ensuring that these unwanted guests can’t find their way back in.

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