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Snakes In The Attic?

Snakes, particularly species like black rat snakes and copperhead snakes commonly found in our area, possess a remarkable ability to gain access to your home’s attic. These serpents are highly adaptable and can easily exploit vulnerabilities in your home’s exterior. Small cracks, gaps, or openings in your roofline, vents, or attic windows become gateways for these slithering intruders. Once they make their way into your attic, they can create a host of problems if left unaddressed.

When snakes nest in your attic for an extended period of time, the consequences can be concerning. Black rat snakes, for instance, are known to grow to impressive lengths and can leave behind a mess of shed skins and droppings. Meanwhile, copperhead snakes are venomous and pose a significant safety hazard if encountered. The presence of snakes in your attic can disrupt your peace of mind and potentially endanger your family. Furthermore, their shedding activities and odors can lead to damage and unpleasant living conditions.

We specialize in addressing snake infestations with a comprehensive approach. Our team conducts a thorough inspection to identify all potential points of entry that these reptiles might exploit. Once we’ve located these entryways, we take immediate action to safely and professionally remove the snakes from your home. Our commitment to excellence extends to sealing off these entry points, ensuring that these unwelcome guests cannot return. We are dedicated to restoring the safety and comfort of your home, protecting it from future snake infestations, and giving you peace of mind.

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